Information Visualization    

- 06.2017 Paper “Conditionally Accepted” at IEEE VAST (TVCG Track), covering the topic of sequence analysis in (time-series) categoral multidimensional data within a geological application setting

- 06.2017 Dirk started a Guest Professorship at University of Graz, Austria

- 05.2017 Paper LloydRelaxer accepted for IEEE TVCG

- 04.2017 2 Papers submitted to IEEE InfoVis and 2 Papers submitted to IEEE VAST w.r.t. the IEEE VIS Conference (Pheonix, USA, Oct 2017)

- 02.2017 4 Paper “Conditionally Accepted” at EuroVis Conference, covering different topics, such as visual-based Regression Analysis, Edge-bundling Techniques for weighted Graphs, Interative Feature Selection, and Projection Accuracy.

- 02.2017 Habilitation Thesis successfully defended

- 12.2017 1 Paper “Conditionally Accepted with Revisions” for IEEE TVCG, covering the choice of good scalings of data spaces in exploratory visualization

- 09.2016 Paplo and Lucas start their Bachelorthesis with us

- 09.2016 Paper submitted to IEEE TVCG

- 07.2016 starting as Visiting Professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain

- 07.2016 Paper with our chinese collaboration Partners submitted to ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Symposium on Visualization (SA16VIS)

- 06.2016 D. J. Lehmann's Habilitation Thesis submitted

- 06.2016 Participating in EuroVis 2016 in Groningen, Netherlands

- 05.2016 Participating in Eurographics 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal

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